Cement based products

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2 Component Cement Base Proofing

Creteroof is a waterproofing product consist of two components comp.A liquid & comp. B powder . It’s uses : water proofing of basements, bathrooms, swimming pools, water structures & potable water tankes, & providing a waterproof coarse layer under screeds .

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Creteroof P

1 Component Cement Base Proofing

Creteroof P is one component cement based powder product specially formulated for water proofing to rigid constructions, concrete, brick work, & stone work . It’s uses : as proofing to basement, potable water tanks, swimming pool, water structure, roofs, & bathrooms.

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Cement Base Elastic Proofing

Cemlastic is two component, cement base water proofing product, with unique elastic advantage . It’s uses : proofing for walls & floors, concrete tanks & water reservoirs swimming pool, protection & repair of balconies, terraces, concrete roads & bridges .

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Cobraseal is two components,cement based product, comp. A is a liquid (modified synthetic resin), comp. B is selected filling material . It’s uses : as adhesive, as joint sealant, & as proofing.

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