Cement base finishing

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Decorative Dry Mortar

Misrmix is cement base, dry mix mortar formulated for external & internal finishing .

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Decorative Plaster Coat

Grifment is cement base, dry product, formulated to provide decorative irregular talon scratches . It’s uses : Facades, Staircases, decorative internal or external purposes, & can be applied on all kinds of plaster, cement, stone & brick works .

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Decorative Cement – Based Proofing Paint

Flesscrete is a colored cement base coat consist of two component, component (A) is liquid & component (B) is powder made of selected aggregate & hydraulic binder . It’s uses : the function of Flesscrete is to work as a final proofing textural finish coat (white & colored), is formulated to be applied over damp substrate reinforced concrete, plainconcrete, brick work or cement render such as basement.

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