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 Epichor 260 A                 

Epoxy  Adhesive

Epichor 260 A is two component solvent free clear epoxy, mainly used as an adhesive for several surfaces . It’s uses : adhesive for : porous to porous material, porous to non- porous material, & non-porous to non-porous materials .

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 Epichor 500                 

Epoxy  For Crack Injection

Epichor 500 is two component solvent free clear epoxy product . It’s uses : for crack injection – for electrical encapsulation – for bonding new to old concrete .

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Colored Epoxy Mortar For Tile Grouting

Tiletone is three component solvent free colored epoxy mortar, formulated for filling joints of all kind of tiles . It’s uses : filling joints of ceramic, marble tiles, granite in horizontal & vertical surfaces, specially pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, hospitals…etc .

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