Industrial floors​

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Epoxy Broad cast Floor System

Quarizite is a multilayer solvent free epoxy floor system . It’s uses : for substrata exposed to medium traffic e.g. receiving areas, service areas, machinery rooms, stores, industrial area, & garages, & as an anti-sliding floor ex : wet areas, garage ramps, pool area, etc .

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Self Leveling Epoxy Floor System

Descofloor is a self-leveling, solvent free epoxy floor system, combined with selected filling materials . It’s uses : as a self-leveling flooring mortar for concrete exposed to mechanical wear traffic e.g. hospital, factories, schools, stores, kitchens, laboratories, laundries & cooling rooms etc .

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Heavy Duty Floor Mortar Epoxy System

Morritex is solvent free epoxy flooring system, combined with special selected graded sand . It’s uses : as flooring mortar for comcrete exposed to heavy mechanical wear traffic e.g., factories, hospitals, stores, industrial areas, cooling & freezing rooms for its durability against thermal shock .

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Decorative Epoxy Floor Mortar System.
Versacolor is three component, solvent free, heavy duty, decorative Epoxy flooring system . It’s uses : as flooring mortar for concrete exposed to heavy mechanical wear

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