Latest Products

Epichor NRM  is two -component  solvent free epoxy mortar for adhesion & repairing , is used as mortar till 5 mm thickness , can be applied in presence of water , promotes excellent adhesion to submerged surfaces , Resin component is blue in color & Hardener component is yellowish brown in color .
Uses :  for fixing tiles & repairing submerged concrete & steel surfaces like water tanks & swimming pools using hand molding , trowels or knives .
Black Magic  is cement base super high performance adhesive , ready mix dry mortar just add water , non-sag mortar after mixing & can be used on vertical , soffits & floors , long pot life to enable the labor proper time to fix up tiles .
Uses :  for fixing tiles , ceramic , marble on cement substrata as concrete , plaster , screed & the like , its major use in areas exposed to permanent water like swimming pools , water tanks & the like .
Descomat  is two-component colored, solvent base where heavy-duty matt paints are required e.g. kitchens, factories, service areas, basements, laboratories, surgery rooms, etc. According to the high impact resistance and high elasticity of DESCOMATT, it can be used as paint for squash courts walls, and can be reinforced with Fiber Glass sheets.

Carboguard  Elastic anti – carbonation water – based polymer that has Micro-porous structure that hinders the entrance of Carbon Dioxide, Chlorides, and other acid gases which are harmful to the concrete. At the same time allows the passage of water vapor from the substrate, thus allowing the substrate to breath without any cracks, peeling or failure in the coating. Mainly Used as an anti-carbonation emulsion paint for garages, bridges and other places subjected to high concentration of Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Chlorides, Sulphates and UV radiation. Mainly for protection of Flyovers, Elevated Expressways, Railway Bridges, Metro Rails, Commercial and Industrial buildings, Bridges, Subways, parking, High rise flats, etc.