Internal & External Finishing:​


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Fillcoat super         

Acrylic paste for external finishing  and  coast Facades

Fillcoat Super is fine high quality emulsion putty, ready use for smooth substrate before painting . It’s uses : preparation of substrate like cement, fair face concrete & gypsum board, before paints .

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Acrylic paste for internal & external finishing

Fillcoat is water based ready to use fine putty used for smoothing & leveling substrata, prior to paints . It’s uses : paste for all cement substrate, even fair face concrete, Gypsum plaster & Gypsum boards, & paste prior to emulsion paints .

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Acrylic paste for internal & external finishing

Subcoat is ready mix, water base putty used for smoothing & preparing substrata prior to paints . It’s uses : suitable to be applied on all kinds of cement & gypsum sustrata .

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Cement base paste for Int. & Ext. Finishing

Subment is modified cement base putty in powder state ; just add water, used for preparing the surface before painting . It;s uses : high quality putty for prepairing substrata before painting, especially those subjected to dampness, & for prepairing substrata prior to epoxy paints .

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High Quality Elastic Paste

Rubfill is a polymeric resin, water base putty ; used to fill cracks before applying the elastic paints . It’s uses : is used as a filling paste to fill cracks, & to be used as a paste before applying elastic membrane paints as Rubtex & Rubcoat .

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