Special Mortars

Stamped concrete products

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Non-Sag Mortar For Vertical Stamped Concrete

Decorender is one component ready mix dry mortar used for applying vertical stamped layer on cement substrata as concrete, plaster & bricks . It’s uses : non-sag mortarfor vertical stamped comcrete .

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Release Agent For Stamped Concrete

Stamlease is a ready mix dry powder, consist of a special treated powder to prevent adhesion of concrete to stamp tool . It’s uses : as arelease layer over wet fresh concrete after spraying it with Stamptop .

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Colored Surface Hardener For Stamped Concrete

Stamptop is ready mix colored dry powder consist of selected modified minerals. It’s uses : used to build up a layer over wet fresh concrete to give hard & tough colored layer, due to its pigmentation, it is generally used in decorative & stamped concrete .

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